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Volume 1  (PDF)

Author Page Title
vii Editor's Introduction
Mauri A. Jalava 3 The Scandinavians as a Source of Settlers for the Dominion of Canada: The First Generation, 1867-1897
Jørgen Dahlie 15 The Ethnic Press as a Cultural Resource: Canada Skandinaven and the Norwegian-Swedish Community in B.C., 1910-1930
Christopher S. Hale 27 Aksel Sandemose and Ross Dane: A Scandinavian's Perception of Western Canada
David Martin 35 Folk Technology Retention: Finnish Folk Tools and Procedures in Mid-Canada and Central Finland
H. Roe 49 The Origins and Spread of Literacy in Early Scandinavia
Bernadine McCreesh 55 Ghosts and Pagans in the Family Sagas
William Sayers 63 The Irish Bóand-Nechtan Myth in the Light of Scandinavian Evidence
Deborah J. McGinnis 79 The Vikings in the East: ingvars saga viðförla
Anthony B. Chan 87 Scandinavian Arms Traders in Warlord China
M. N. Matson 97 The Theatre's Approach to Strindberg: Four Productions in the Strindberg Festival, Stockholm, May 1981 – Brott och brott; Fadern; Fadren, en opera; Il padre
Dieter K. H. Riegel 109 Society and Crime in the Novels of Hans Scherfig
Peter Ohlin 115 The Ideology of the Martin Beck Novels
Charles Leland 123 Daniel Haakonsen's View of Ibsen, with Special Reference to His Last Book
W. S. W. Nowak 129 A Contribution to the Understanding of the Biogeography of a Sub-Arctic Lake: The Case of Mývatn, Iceland
Ingunn Norderval 143 The Norwegian Prime Minister
Elin Elgaard 161 No Time for Timelessness? A brief look at the trio: Tove Ditlevsen (1918-76) Frank Jaeger (1926-77) Ole Sarvig (1921-81) who all died by their own hand

Volume 2  (PDF)

Author Page Title
vii Editor's Introduction
Errol Durbach 3 The Eclectic Theatricalism of Miss Julie
Anne-Charlotte Hanes Harvey 11 Punch's "Hedda": An Approach to Ibsen Through Parody
Antony Landon 27 Current Treatment of Shakespeare's Tragedies in Finland
Kathryn S. Hanson 39 Adam Oehlenschläger's Romanticism: Not a German Hybrid, but a Danish Original
Harald S. Naess 51 Hamsun ---- Victoria ----- Victoria
Marshall N. Matson 59 Rönnog Seaberg's Utrest: An Apologia
James M. Richtik 73 Chain Migration Among Icelandic Settlers in Canada to 1891
Alan B. Anderson 89 Scandinavian Settlements in Saskatchewan: Migration History and Changing Ethnocultural Identity
Stewart P. Oakley 117 Self-help and Co-operation in the Scandinavian Peasant Community
Mark B. Lapping 129 Between Swede and Saami: The Reindeer Herd Rationalization Law
Richard Cornell 137 The Controversy in Denmark in 1938-1939 over Freedom of Expression
Patricia Appavoo 149 Domestic Politics and Development Assistance: A Canada-Sweden Comparison of Recipient Selection
Gunnar Eliasson 167 Is the Swedish Welfare State in Trouble? A New Policy Model

Volume 3  (PDF)

Author Page Title
v Editor's Introduction
Helge Ø. Pharo 1 Norway and European Integration
Lewis R. Fischer and Helge W. Nordvik 17 Floating Capital: Investment in the Canadian and Norwegian Merchant Marines in Comparative Perspective, 1850-1914
Paul Walsh 43 Realism and Innovation in Stringberg's Mäster Olof
Marina Allemano 61 Suzanne Brøgger and Eros
Peter Ohlin 73 Through a Glass Darkly: Figurative Language in Ingmar Bergman's Script
William Sayers 89 Kjartan's Choice: The Irish Disconnection in the Sagas of the Icelanders
J. Donald Wilson 115 Kalevala in Sointula: The Intellectual Background of Matti Kurikka
Marianne Stenbaek 133 Arqaluk Lynge ----- Poet and Politician

Volume 4  (PDF)

Author Page Title
Gurli Aagaard Woods v Introduction
Anne Brydon 1 Celebrating Ethnicity: The Icelanders of Manitoba
Jørgen Dahlie 15 From Kongsberg to the Pacific Northwest: Norwegian Immigrants and the Development of Skiing, 1920-1950
Birna Arnbjörnsdóttir 27 The Polarization of Sound Change in Different Social Contexts: The Development of Icelandic in North America and Iceland
Cristina Gheorghe 43 Intertextual Notes in a Metafictional Autobiography: The Prowler by Kristjana Gunnars
Cristina Gheorghe and Kristjana Gunnars 51 Interview with Kristjana Gunnars about The Prowler
Christopher Hale 61 Aksel Sandemose's View of Prairie Canada
Lewis R. Fischer and Helge Nordvik 77 Norwegian Matroser: Wages and Labour Markets for Seafaring Labour, 1850-1914
Will. C. van den Hoonaard 97 A Nation's Innocence: Myth and Reality of Crime in Iceland
Thomas Bredsdorff 115 Holberg: A Scandinavian Slant on the European Enlightenment
Christian Roy 123 J.P. Jacobsen in the Context of the Intellectual History of Europe
Dieter Riegel 141 Thorkild Hansen's Jens Munk

Volume 5  (PDF)

Author Page Title
William Sayers 1 Bragi Boddason, the First Skald, and the Problem of Celtic Origins
Peter Harcourt 19 Journey into Silence: an aspect of the late films of Ingmar Bergman
Errol Durbach 29 Nora as Antigone: the feminist tragedienne and social legality
Christian Roy 43 À la rencontre de Dionysos: Edith Södergran entre Nietzsche et Bataille
Seija Paddon 65 Aleksis kivi and the Finnish Georgics
Rochelle Wright 81 Delblanc's Kanaans land and Moberg's Emigrant Tetralogy: intertextuality and transformation
Reviews / Comptes Rendus
95 Errol Durbach. A Doll's House: Ibsen's Myth of Transformation (Boston, 1991) reviewed by Charles Leland
97 Henning Bender and Birgit Flemming Larsen, eds. Danish Emigration to Canada (Viborg, 1991) reviewed by Kirsten Wolf
99 Janet Garton and Henning Sehmsdorf, eds. New Norwegian Plays (Norwich, 1989) reviewed by John Lingard
102 Phyllis Moen. Working Parents: Transformations in Gender Roles and Public Policies in Sweden (Madison, Wisconsin, 1989) reviewed by Carol Agócs
104 Poul Houe, ed. The Nordic Roundtable Papers (University of Minnesota, 1989-1992) reviewed by Wolfgang Ahrens

Volume 6  (PDF)

Author Page Title
Viðar Hreinsson 1 Western Icelandic Literature, 1870-1900
Constance B. Hieatt 15 Problems Posed by the Early Medieval Recipe Collection in Danish and Icelandic: culinary confusion compounded?
Peter G. Christensen 27 The Treatment of Mesmerism in Per Olov Enquist's Magnetisörens femte vinter
Richard Apostle and Knut H. Mikalsen 47 The Politics of Fisheries Management: preliminary comparisons of regulatory regimes in North Norway and Nova Scotia
Ingunn Norderval 75 The Recruitment and Representation of Women in Norwegian Provincial Politics
Janet E. Rasmussen 99 Governing Norwegian Universities in the 1990's
Reviews / Comptes Rendus
111 Matti Klinge. The Finnish Tradition: Essays on Structures and Identities in the North of Europe (Helsinki, 1993) reviewed by J. Donald Wilson
114 Elinor Berglund Barr. The Swedish Experience in Canada: An Annotated Bibliography of English-Language Books and Articles Relating to the Swedish Experience in Canada (Växjö, 1991) reviewed by Joan Magee
116 Bjerrum Nielsen, Harriet and Torill Steinfeld, eds. Nora, Nordic Journal of Women's Studies, Vol. 1, No. 1 (Oslo: Scandinavian University Press, 1993) reviewed by Seija Paddon

Volume 7  (PDF)

Author Page Title
William Sayers 1 The Arctic Desert (Helluland) in Bárðar saga
Raimo Anttila and Sheila Embleton 25 On the Origin of Suomi "Finland"
Paul Baxter 33 The 'Heroic Age' in Ibsen and Hegel
Harold C. Knutson 49 Forms of Address in Ibsen's Hedda Gabler
Fred Thompson 65 Heavenward Bound: Lewerentz's Vision of Funeral Architecture
Peter Ohlin 79 Four Images in Bergman: Representation as Liminality and Transgression
Reviews / Comptes Rendus
93 Lars Vikør. The Nordic Languages: Their Status and Interrelations. (Oslo, 1993) --- reviewed by Sheila Embleton
99 Marina Mundt. Zur Adaption orientalischer Bilder in den Fornaldarsögur Norðrlanda. Materialien zu einer neuen Dimension altnordischer Belletristik. (Frankfurt am Main, 1993) --- reviewed by Kirsten Wolf
102 Birgit and Peter Sawyer. Medieval Scandinavia: From Conversion to Reformation, circa 800-1500. (Minneapolis and London, 1993) ---- reviewed by William Sayers
107 William Richard Mead. An Experience of Finland. (London, 1993) ---- reviewed by J. Donald Wilson
110 Will C. can den Hoonard. Reluctant Pioneers. Constraints and Opportunities in an Icelandic Fishing Community. (New York, 1992) --- reviewed by Richard Apostle
114 Janet E. Rasmussen. New Land New Lives: Scandinavian Immigrants to the Pacific Northwest. (Seattle and London; and Northfield, Minnesota, 1993) --- reviewed by Jørgen Dahlie
116 Sven H. Rossel, ed. A History of Danish Literature. A History of Scandinavian Literatures. Volume I. (Lincoln & London, 1992) ---- reviewed by Hans Møller
119 Palle Bo Bojesen. New Denmark, New Brunswick: Udviklingen i en dansk udvandrerkoloni 1872-1914. (Århus, Denmark, 1992) --- reviewed by Christopher Hale
121 Chris Christiansen. Seven Years among Prisoners of War. Translated by Ida Egede Winther. (Athens, Ohio, 1994) --- reviewed by Christopher English

Volume 8  (PDF)

Author Page Title
Jussi M. Hanhimäki 1 In Search of Security: Finland and the Soviet-American Confrontation, 1945-1961
Daisy Neijman 19 Laura Goodman Slaverson, Guttormur J. Guttormsson, and the Dual World of Second-Generation Canadian Authors
Christopher S. Hale 37 Ethnic Minorities on the Canadian Prairies in the Writings of Aksel Sandemose and Sven Delblanc
William Sayers 57 Power, Magic and Sex: Queen Gunnhildr and the Icelanders
Peter G. Christensen 79 Sibelius, Kullervo and Fate Tragedy
Reviews / Comptes Rendus
103 Gurli A. Woods, ed. Isak Dinesen and Narrativity: Reassessments for the 1990's (Ottawa, 1994) ---- reviewed by Marina Allemano
109 Pamela Wild. Sointula: Island Utopia (Madeira Park, 1995) ---- reviewed by J. Donald Wilson
112 Nelma Sillanpää. Under the Northern Lights: My Memories of Life in the Finnish Community of Northern Ontario. Edited by Edward Laine (Hull, 1994) ---- reviewed by Varpu Lindström
113 Börje Vähämäki. Mastering Finnish (New York, 1994) ---- reviewed by John Dingley
115 Preben Meulengracht Sørensen. Fortælling og ære: Studier i islændingesagaerne (Århus, 1993) ---- reviewed by Patricia Bethel
119 Anthony Faulkes and Richard Perkins, eds. Viking Revaluations: Viking Society centenary symposium, 14-15 May 1992 (London, 1993) ---- reviewed by Patricia Bethel
122 Sven H. Rossel, ed. Ludvig Holberg – A European Writer: A Study in Influence and Reception (Amsterdam and Atlanta, 1994) ---- reviewed by Thomas Bredsdorff
126 Johannes Væth. Aksel Sandemoses Canada. Rejsebetragtninger i udvalg 1927-28 (Herning, Denmark, 1994) ---- reviewed by Christopher Hale
128 Sarah Death and Helena Forsås-Scott, eds. A Century of Swedish Narrative: Essays in Honour of Karin Petherick (Norwich, 1994) ---- reviewed by Marshall N. Matson
132 Ivar Lo-Johannson. Peddling My Wares. Translated by Rochelle Wright (Columbia, South Carolina, 1995) ---- reviewed by Christopher Hale

Volume 9  (PDF)

Author Page Title
Kai R. Pedersen 1 Laying the Foundations of Labour's Postwar Hegemony Norwegian Wartime Planning, 1940-45
Ingunn Norderval 17 The Provincial Mayor in Norway: Role Development and Role Perception
William Sayers 49 Unique Nicknames in Landnámabók and the Sagas of the Icelanders: The Case of Porleifr kimbi Porbrandsson
Kirsten Sheperd-Barr 73 "Le grand metteur en scène": Herman Bang in Paris, 1893-94
Seija Paddon 91 New Historicism and the Prose of Joy Kogawa's Obasan and Leena Lander's Cast a Long Shadow
Reviews / Comptes Rendus
105 Sigbjørn Hølmebakk. The Carriage Stone (Chester Springs, Penn.)---- reviewed by Christopher Hale
107 Kirsten A. Seaver. The Frozen Echo. Greenland and the Exploration of North America ca A.D. 1000-1500 (Stanford, California) ---- reviewed by Wolfgang P. Ahrens
111 Åke Daun.. Swedish Mentality. Translated by Jan Teeland (University Park, 1996) ---- reviewed by J. Donald Wilson
113 Olavi Koivukangas. From the Midnight Sun to the Long White Cloud: Finns in New Zealand (Turku, 1996) ---- reviewed by Mika Roinila

Volume 10  (PDF)

Author Page Title
Pam Perkins 1 Mary Wollstonecraft's Scandinavian Journey
Seija Paddon 23 Juha K. Tapio's Frankenstein's Notebook and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's Frankenstein or, The Modern Prometheus: Whose Monster is he, anyway?
Errol Durbach 35 Ibsen, Rank and Freud: Rosmersholm and the Discourse of Viennese Psychiatry
Daisy Neijmann 53 Community and Identity in Icelandic-Canadian Literature
Reviews / Comptes Rendus
77 Jussi M. Hanhimäki. Containing Coexistence: America, Russia, and the "Finnish Solution", 1945-1956. (Kent, Ohio, 1997) ---- reviewed by Christopher English
82 Daniel Abondolo. Colloquial Finnish: The Complete Course for Beginners (with dialogues by Hanna Björklund and Elina Multanen). (London and New York, 1998) ---- reviewed by John Dingley
87 Daisy L. Neijmann. The Icelandic Voice in Canadian Letters: The Contribution of Icelandic-Canadian Writers to Canadian Literature. (Ottawa, 1997) ---- reviewed by Bodvar Gudmundson
91 George S. Schoolfield. Helsinki of the Czars: Findland's Capital, 1808-1918 (Columbia, South Carolina, 1996) ---- reviewed by Varpu Lindström
93 Tuula Hökkä, ed. Naiskirja. [A collection of essays about literature, feminist research, and culture]. (Helsinki, 1996) ---- reviewed by Seija Paddon
96 Elinor Barr. The Scandinavian Home Society, 1923-1993: A Place to Meet, a Place to Eat (Thunder Bay, 1996) ----reviewed by J. Donald Wilson

Volume 11  (PDF)

Author Page Title
i Foreword
Christopher Hale 1 Go West, Young Dane: Danish Settlements on the Canadian Prairies
Joe Allard 15 Homer, Aristotle and the Sagas of the Icelanders
Jörgen Dahlie 35 Ethnic Persistence and Presence: Some Norwegian Sightings in British Columbia
Finn Stendal Pedersen 55 The Politician Grundtvig (1783-1872): A Liberal in the Danish Constituent Assembly of 1849
Douglas Nord 75 Multiculturalism Reconsidered: Swedish and Canadian Political Responses to Migration Issues in the 1990's
John Lingard 101 Breaking the Frame: Idea and Image in Kjeld Abell's The Blue Pekinese

Volume 12  (PDF)

Author Page Title
Marina Allemano 4 Mermaids Losing Their Heads A Study of the Mermaid Cult in Andersen, Ibsen, and Svendsen
Joe Allard 18 Revolution and Innovation in Icelandic Art Since 1980 The Poetry, Fiction and Film Writing of Einar Már Guðmundsson
Daisy Neijmann 40 Damned with Faint Praise The Reception of Laura Goodman Salverson's Works by the Icelandic-Canadian Community
Frederick Hale 64 Waging War on Three Feminist Fronts Ester Lindin's Campaign for Women's Emancipation in Tänk, om jag gifter mig med prästen!
Seija Paddon 82 The Altered Forms of the Idea of Community in Contemporary Finnish Poetry
John Dingley 95 Review Article: Finnish: An Essential Grammar by Fred Karlsson
J. Donald Wilson 107 Review of Between a Rock and a Hard Place: A Historical Geography of the Finns in the Sudburv Area by Oiva W. Saarinen
Marina Allemano 110 Review of Out of Isak Dinesen in Africa: Karen Blixen's Untold Story by Linda Donelson

Volume 13  (PDF)

Author Page Title
Noel D. Broadbent 6 Northern Pasts, Northern Futures An Archaeological Project on Cultural Interactionism and Climate Change in Northern Sweden, 9000 B.C. to A.D. 1800
Andrei V. Golovnev 22 Peoples and Borders of the Russian North Ethnicity in a Political Environment
Lassi Heininen 36 Finland as a Nordic Country, and as a European State
Marianne Lykke Thomsen 50 Challenges of Economic Development in Greenland Involving Strategies of International Co-operation
Daisy Neijmann 62 "Beyond Icelandic" Teaching in a Heritage Language and Literature Department
Christopher English 74 Njal in Vinland Contextualizing Canadian Law
Angela Carr 81 Review Article. Baltic Light: Early Open-Air Painting in Denmark and Northern Germany by Catherine Johnston, Helmut Börsch-Supan, Helmut R. Leppien, and Kaspar Monrad
Seija Paddon 91 Review of Beyond Ambivalence: Postmodernity and the Ethics of Translation by Kaisa Koskinen
John Lingard 93 Review Article. Ibsens samtidsskuespill: En studie i glasskapets dramaturgi by Asbjørn Aarseth

Volume 14  (PDF)

Author Page Title
WILLIAM SAVERS 1 Gender Ambiguity in Medieval Iceland
Legal Framework and Saga Dynamics
ERROL DURBACH 28 "Who is Solveig? What is she?"
Four dénouements at Vinstra
JOHN LINGARD 42 The Echo in the Mountains
J.S. Welhaven's Metaphor for Poetry
FREDERICK HALE 70 Women's Reproductive Rights and Sexual Enlightenment
in Signe Hasso's Momo
WENCHE LARSEN 86 Austria: Location of a Traumatic Scene
Wittgenstein in Cecilie Løveid's Østerrike
CHARITY MARSH 104 Performing Femininity as a Transgressive Act
Björk's Selma in Lars von Trier's Dancer in the Dark
SUSAN GOLD-SMITH 130 The Sights of Early Science
A Visual Artist's Response to the Uppsala Natural History Collections
N.F. DREISZIGER 145 Review of From Heroes to Enemies:
Finns in Canada, 1937-1947
Varpu Lindstrom
CHRISTOPHER HALE 147 Review of Colloquial Icelandic:
The Complete Course for Beginners

by Daisy 1. Neijmann