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Inuit Tattoos in Greenland Today: A Marker of Cultural Identity article Hansen, Tukummeq Jensen 29 (2021)  PDF  HTML  XML
Old Norse Studies and Collective Memory: An Introduction article-themed Nygaard, Simon
Tirosh, Yoav
28 (2021) 24–35  PDF  HTML  XML
Memories Carved in Stones? Collective Memory Studies and Early Scandinavian Rune-Stones, or Remarks on the Banalities of ‘Burial-Stones’ article Koesling, Jonas 28 (2021) 38–77  PDF  HTML  XML
The Fimbulvetr Myth as Medicine against Cultural Amnesia and Hybris article Maraschi, Andrea 28 (2021) 89–105  PDF  HTML  XML
The Forgotten King of Denmark – Haraldr II article Gülen, Deniz Cem 28 (2021) 106–121  PDF  HTML  XML
Remembering Heathen Women in Medieval Icelandic Literature article Sheffield, Ann 28 (2021) 122–143  PDF  HTML  XML
ein lǫg ok einn siðr: Law, Religion, and their Role in the Cultivation of Cultural Memory in Pre-Christian Icelandic Society article Nygaard, Simon 28 (2021) 144–177  PDF  HTML  XML
Memory of Iron: Object Rhetoric and Collective Memory in Laxdæla saga article Biel, William 28 (2021) 178–203  PDF  HTML  XML
Personal Memory, Family Memory, Collective Memory? The Parting Gifts in Egils saga, chapter 61 article Barreiro, Santiago 28 (2020) 204–229  PDF  HTML  XML
The Afterlives of an Icelandic ‘Foremother of Us All’: Auðr djúpauðga and the Making of Cultural Memory article Vanherpen, Sofie 28 (2020) 230–259  PDF  HTML  XML
Saga-Sites of Memory: Jónas Hallgrímsson, Icelandic Nationalism, and the Íslendingasögur article Iacocca, Vanessa K. 28 (2021) 260–289  PDF  HTML  XML
Memory, Trauma, and Cultural Semiotics - An Extensive Review review-article Rösli, Lukas 28 (2021) 292–310  PDF  HTML  XML
Jarlmanns saga og Hermanns: An Introduction edition Lavender, Philip 27 (2020) 16–49  PDF  HTML  XML
Jarlmanns saga og Hermanns: A Translation edition Lavender, Philip
Hall, Alaric
Harrop, Gary
Ragnheiðardóttir, Védís
Old Norse Reading Group organized through the University of Leeds
27 (2020) 50–104  PDF  HTML  XML
The Liminality of Loki article Wolf, Allison 27 (2020) 106–113  PDF  HTML  XML
Events below the Surface: A Reading of Henning Mankell’s The Troubled Man article Lingard, John 27 (2020) 114–127  PDF  HTML  XML
Exploring Transcultural Community: Realistic Visions in Sami (Norwegian-Danish) and Ojibwe (Canadian) Novels article Egerer, Juliane 27 (2020) 128–161  PDF  HTML  XML
Foreword: Companions on the Edge of Iceland article-themed McGillivray, Andrew 26 (2019) 18–21  PDF  HTML  XML
Avant-propos : Compagnons à la lisière de l’Islande article-themed McGillivray, Andrew 26 (2019) 22–25  PDF  HTML  XML
Introduction: Dialogues with a “Head of Destiny” article-themed Geeraert, Dustin 26 (2019) 26–42  PDF  HTML  XML
From Manuscript(s) to Print: Editorial Practices through the Ages and the Case of Konráð Gíslason’s (Incomplete) Edition of Fóstbræðra saga article-themed Arthur, Susanne M. 26 (2019) 44–68  PDF  HTML  XML
The Culture of the Grotesque in Old Icelandic literature: The Saga of the Sworn Brothers article-themed Kress, Helga 26 (2019) 70–86  PDF  HTML  XML
Old Norse in Italy: From Francesco Saverio Quadrio to Fóstbræðra saga article-themed Ferrari, Fulvio 26 (2019) 88–108  PDF  HTML  XML
Guardian of Memory: Halldór Laxness, Saga Editor article-themed Crocker, Christopher 26 (2019) 110–131  PDF  HTML  XML
Is Halldór Laxness the Author of Fóstbræðra saga? On the Author Function, Intertextuality, Translation, and a Modern Writer’s Relationship with the Icelandic Sagas article-themed Eysteinsson, Ástráður 26 (2019) 132–155  PDF  HTML  XML
Of Heroes and Cods’ Heads: Saga Meets Film in Gerpla article-themed Kristjánsdóttir, Bergljót Soffía 26 (2019) 156–180  PDF  HTML  XML
A Modern-Day Saga in Fancy Dress: Contemporary Social Critique in Halldór Laxnessʼs Gerpla article-themed Andrésson, Kristinn E. 26 (2019) 182–206  PDF  HTML  XML
Cold-War Confrontations: Gerpla and its Early Reviewers article-themed Hughes, Shaun F. D. 26 (2019) 208–219  PDF  HTML  XML
“In the Shadow of Greater Events in the World:” The Northern Epic in the Wake of World War II article-themed Geeraert, Dustin 26 (2019) 240–275  PDF  HTML  XML
Wayward Heroes: Vagabonds in World Literature article-themed Bjarnadóttir, Birna 26 (2019) 276–302  PDF  HTML  XML
Afterword Whatever Happened to the Sagas? article-themed Jakobsson, Ármann 26 (2019) 304–311  PDF  HTML  XML
From the Westfjords to World Literature: A Bibliography on Fostbræðra saga article-themed Johnson, Ryan E. 26 (2019) 312–319  PDF  HTML  XML
“The lore of skalds, warrior ideals, and tales of ancient kings”: A Bibliography on Gerpla article-themed Shaw, Alec 26 (2019) 320–325  PDF  HTML  XML
The Cosmopolitan Saint: Nephi Anderson’s Scandinavian-American Mormon Identity article Reed, Sarah C. 25 (2018) 14–28  PDF  HTML  XML
Language Shift and Changes in Community Structure: A Case Study of Oulu, Wisconsin article Johnson, Mirva 25 (2018) 30–49  PDF  HTML  XML
Missing Links: Politics and the Misrecognition of the Sweden Democrats article Teitelbaum, Benjamin R. 25 (2018) 50–66  PDF  HTML  XML
The Figure of the ‘Climate Refugee’ in Inger Elisabeth Hansen’s Å resirkulere lengselen: avrenning foregår (2015) article Coughlin, Jenna 25 (2018) 68–90  PDF  HTML  XML
“Writing Beyond the Ending” and Diasporic Narrativity in Loveleen Rihel Brennaʼs Min annerledeshet, min styrke article Barkve, Marit Ann 25 (2018) 92–114  PDF  HTML  XML
Migrant Churches as Integration Vectors in Danish Society article Allen, Julie K. 25 (2018) 116–134  PDF  HTML  XML
Race, Ethnicity, and Gang Violence: Exploring Multicultural Tensions in Contemporary Danish Cinema article Moffat, Kate 25 (2018) 136–153  PDF  HTML  XML
Travelling Home: The Scandinavian Transnational Adoptee Identity on the Move article Ivenäs, Sabina 25 (2018) 154–173  PDF  HTML  XML
An Ill-Tempered Axe for an Ill-Tempered Smith: The Gift of King Eiríkr blóðøx to Skallagrímr Kveldúlfsson in Egils saga Skallagrímssonar article Sayers, William 24 (2017) 16–37  PDF  HTML  XML
The Spaewife’s Prophecy: A Verse Translation of the Norse Poem Vǫluspá, with an Introduction and Notes edition Woolf, Judith 24 (2017) 40–88  PDF  HTML  XML
A Normalized Edition and English Translation of the Miracles about St. Olaf in AM 325 IV α 4to (‘The Seventh and Eighth Fragment’) edition Arthur, Susanne M. 24 (2017) 90–106  PDF  HTML  XML
Kjeld Abell’s Den blå pekingeser: Introduction and Translation edition Lingard, John 24 (2017) 108–208  PDF  HTML  XML
The Saga of Melitta Urbancic review-article Stenberg, Peter 24 (2017) 210–225  PDF  HTML  XML
Trees as a Central Theme in Norse Mythology and Culture: An Archaeological Perspective article Gilmore, Amanda 23 (2016) 16–26  PDF  HTML  XML
Nordic Border Crossings: Coastal Communities and Connected Cultures in Eighteenth-Century Norway, Scotland, and Canada article Reeploeg, Silke 23 (2016) 28–47  PDF  HTML  XML
The Flight of the Danish Jews in 1943 – ‘Rescue’ or ‘Escape’? article-themed DeLong, Robert 23 (2016) 50–76  PDF  HTML  XML
“Tell Ye Your Children…”: The Twisted Swedish Road to Holocaust Recognition article-themed Karlsson, Klas-Göran 23 (2016) 78–94  PDF  HTML  XML
Soldiers and Other Monsters: the Allied Occupation in Icelandic Fiction article-themed Neijmann, Daisy L. 23 (2016) 96–120  PDF  HTML  XML
From Silence to Historical Consciousness: The Holocaust and WWII in Finnish History Politics article-themed Holmila, Antero
Tilli, Jouni
23 (2016) 122–145  PDF  HTML  XML
Henrik Ibsen’s PEER GYNT in a new version edition Durbach, Errol 23 (2016) 146–267  PDF  HTML  XML
King Arthur and the Kennedy Assassination The Allure and Absence of Truth in the Icelandic Sagas article Jakobsson, Ármann 22 (2015) 12–25  PDF  HTML  XML
Grund gulls [ground of gold]: The Trope of Woman as ‘Land’ in Skaldic Poetry from the Tenth to Fourteenth Centuries article Osborne, Emily 22 (2015) 26–51  PDF  HTML  XML
What Imported Viking Age and Medieval Artifacts Can Tell Us about Trade and Exchange in Mývatn, Iceland article Laycock, Alan 22 (2015) 52–65  PDF  HTML  XML
Creating New Fairytales: Statoil, Snøhvit, and Petroleum Exploration in the Arctic article Gjellstad, Melissa 22 (2015) 66–77  PDF  HTML  XML
The Captivating Chill: Why Readers Desire Nordic Noir article-themed Bergman, Kerstin 22 (2014) 80–89  PDF  HTML  XML
Cabins in Norwegian Crime Fiction: More Than a Cliché article-themed Urberg, Ingrid 22 (2015) 90–105  PDF  HTML  XML
Till My Change Come: Nature, Justice, and Redemption in Åsa Larsson’s Until Thy Wrath Be Past article-themed Lingard, John 22 (2015) 106–126  PDF  HTML  XML
An Interview with Arnaldur Indriðason, September 2014 article-themed Indriðason, Arnaldur 22 (2015) 128–132  PDF  HTML  XML
An Interview with Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, early 2015 article-themed Sigurðardóttir, Yrsa 22 (2015) 134–143  PDF  HTML  XML
Returning Fathers. Sagas, Novels, and the Uncanny article Tulinius, Torfi H. 21 (2013) 18–39  PDF  HTML  XML
De l’actrice fictionnelle à l’acteur réel : La femme de théâtre dans la Suède du XIXème siècle article Lindberg, Ylva 21 (2013) 40–56  PDF  HTML  XML
L’expérience de Persona et la création du concept d’image-affection par Gilles Deleuze article Bolduc, Charles 21 (2013) 58–78  PDF  HTML  XML
Sigrgarðs saga frækna: A normalised text, translation, and introduction edition Hall, Alaric
Richardson, Steven D. P.
Þorgeirsson, Haukur
21 (2013) 80–155  PDF  HTML  XML
Knut Hamsun: A Review of Peter Sjøyst-Jackson's 2010 Study through the Lens of Recent Hamsun Scholarship review-article Rees, Ellen 21 (2013) 156–162  PDF  HTML  XML
Scandinavian Crime Fiction: a review of recent scholarship. review-article Lingard, John 21 (2013) 164–189  PDF  HTML  XML
Grettir and Bjartur: Realism and the supernatural in medieval and modern Icelandic literature article Tulinius, Torfi H. 20 (2011) 14–25  PDF  HTML  XML
“An entirely different culture and an alien race:” Scandinavian Ukrainian encounters on the Canadian Prairies 1910-1940 article Rudling, Per Anders 20 (2011) 26–51  PDF  HTML  XML
A Poet’s Great Return: Jónas Hallgrímsson’s reburial and Milan Kundera’s Ignorance article Helgason, Jón Karl 20 (2011) 52–61  PDF  HTML  XML
Bergman's Dreams: Some notes article Coates, Paul 20 (2011) 62–71  PDF  HTML  XML
Analyse métahistoriographique du cas du norvégien article Iglésias, Narcís 20 (2011) 72–90  PDF  HTML  XML
Teaching Identity through Ethnic Jokes: Shifting cultural touchstones in the classroom article Lange, Michael 20 (2011) 92–100  PDF  HTML  XML
Adapting a Literary Nation to Film: National Identity, Neoromanticism and the Anxiety of Influence article Norðfjörð, Björn Ægir 19 (2010) 12–40  PDF  HTML  XML
Land og synir: An Interview with Ágúst Guðmundsson article Guðmundsson, Ágúst 19 (2010) 42–54  PDF  HTML  XML
Op med hodet: Tancred Ibsen’s 1933 Experiment in Cinematic Modernism article Lunde, Arne 19 (2010) 56–71  PDF  HTML  XML
Liv Ullmann’s Handling of Religious Themes in Her Adaptation of Sigrid Undset’s The Wreath article Christensen, Peter G. 19 (2010) 72–86  PDF  HTML  XML
Norwave: Norwegian Cinema 1997-2006 article Rees, Ellen 19 (2010) 88–110  PDF  HTML  XML
“We had to be careful.” The Self-imposed Regulations, Alterations and Censorship Strategies of Nordisk Films Kompagni 1911-1928 article Thorsen, Isak 19 (2010) 112–126  PDF  HTML  XML
From Working Class Drama to Academic Showdown: On Carl Th. Dreyer’s Use of His Literary Source in Två Människor [Two People] (1945) article Egholm, Morten 19 (2010) 128–143  PDF  HTML  XML
Behind Idealism: The Discrepancy between Philosophy and Reality in The Cinema of Lars von Trier article Bunch, Mads 19 (2010) 144–163  PDF  HTML  XML
Modes of Representation in Ingmar Bergman’s Gycklarnas afton article Blackwell, Marilyn Johns 19 (2010) 164–184  PDF  HTML  XML
Doubling and Redoubling Bergman: Notes on the Dialectic of Disgrace and Disappearance article Coates, Paul 19 (2010) 186–199  PDF  HTML  XML
Roy Andersson’s Cinematic Poetry and the Spectre of César Vallejo article Lindqvist, Ursula 19 (2010) 200–229  PDF  HTML  XML
Readymades, Rejects and the Ready-to-Hand: Found Objects in the Films of Aki Kaurismäki article Smith, Lawrence D. 19 (2010) 230–260  PDF  HTML  XML
Imaginaries of a Global Finland—Patterns of Globalization in Finnish National Cinema article Kääpä, Pietari 19 (2010) 262–283  PDF  HTML  XML
Snorri’s Trollwives article Sayers, William 18 (2009) 12–22  PDF  HTML  XML
“Dressed up in the body of an old woman”: Gothic Conventions in Ingemann, Andersen, Blixen and Høeg article Kastbjerg, Kirstine 18 (2009) 24–42  PDF  HTML  XML
Ibsen’s Evangelical Detective: Evidence and Proof in The Wild Duck article Durbach, Errol 18 (2009) 44–54  PDF  HTML  XML
Colours, Colour Symbolism, and Social Critique in Halldór Laxness’s Salka Valka article Van Deusen, Natalie M. 18 (2009) 56–70  PDF  HTML  XML
Faces as Facts of Fiction article Houe, Poul 18 (2009) 72–84  PDF  HTML  XML
Modernism in the Post-war Icelandic Novel up to 1990 article Ólason, Vésteinn 18 (2009) 86–104  PDF  HTML  XML
Saint-Making in Early Iceland article McCreesh, Bernadine 17 (2007) 12–23  PDF  HTML  XML
Vikings in the Nor’ Wast: The Roots of Orkney’s Identity in Norway and Canada article Lange, Michael A. 17 (2007) 24–35  PDF  HTML  XML
The Mystery of Vínarterta: In Search of an Icelandic Ethnic Identity article Helgason, Jón Karl 17 (2007) 36–52  PDF  HTML  XML
‘Girl Interrupting’: History and Art as Clairvoyance in the Fiction of Vigdís Grímsdóttir article Neijmann, Daisy L. 17 (2007) 54–68  PDF  HTML  XML
Erhard J. Alm, Inventor and Entrepreneur article Roinila, Mika 17 (2007) 70–75  PDF  HTML  XML
An Exploration of Teachers’ Pedagogy and Perceptions of Their Culturally Diverse Learners in Manitoba (Canada), Norway, and Iceland article Aðalsteinsdóttir, Kristín
Engilbertsson, Guðmundur
Gunnbjörnsdóttir, Ragnheiður
17 (2007) 76–103  PDF  HTML  XML
Kurt Wallander’s Journey into Autumn: A Reading of Henning Mankell’s The Fifth Woman article Lingard, John 17 (2007) 104–115  PDF  HTML  XML
Archaeology in Iceland: Recent Developments article McGuire, Erin-Lee Halstad 16 (2006) 10–26  PDF  HTML  XML
The Proverbial Heart of Hrafnkels saga Freysgoða: “Mér þykkir þar heimskum manni at duga, sem þú ert. article Harris, Richard L. 16 (2006) 28–54  PDF  HTML  XML
Knut Hamsun as a Travel Writer: In Wonderland article Wærp, Henning Howlid 16 (2006) 56–64  PDF  HTML  XML
‘A Paper for the Scandinavians in Edmonton’: The Norwegian Immigrant Experience in Alberta as Recorded in the Norwegian-Language Paper Vikingen article Rudling, Per Anders 16 (2006) 66–87  PDF  HTML  XML
Postcolonial Ibsen: Judith Thompson’s Hedda Gabler (1991) article Farfan, Penny 16 (2006) 88–99  PDF  HTML  XML
Hotel Pro Forma: Nomadic Theatre Without Borders? article Ostrauskaite, Milda 16 (2006) 100–113  PDF  HTML  XML
Dysfunction and Its Effect in Literary Translation article Paddon, Seija 16 (2006) 114–124  PDF  HTML  XML
Urban Youth Language in Multicultural Sweden article Godin, Marie-Noëlle 16 (2006) 126–141  PDF  HTML  XML
A New Ontology for the Female Subject: The Rise of the Flat Character in Stories by Solvej Balle and Kirsten Thorup article Bowering, Thea 15 (2005) 8–21  PDF  HTML  XML
The Unstable Kierkegaardian Framework of Henrik Stangerup’s Novel Trilogy article Christensen, Peter 15 (2005) 22–44  PDF  HTML  XML
Foreign Camp Ground: On Translation of Camp and Postcolonial Allusions article Jääskeläinen, Michael 15 (2005) 46–60  PDF  HTML  XML
Ukrainian Swedes in Canada: Gammalsvenskby in the Swedish-Canadian Press 1929-1931 article Rudling, Per Anders 15 (2005) 62–91  PDF  HTML  XML
“Orð eftir orð,” “orð eftir orði”: the Progress of the Dictionary of Old Norse Prose review-article Poole, Russell 15 (2005) 92–118  PDF  HTML  XML
A Milestone in Brøgger Scholarship: Marina Allemano’s “Introduction” to Suzanne Brøgger’s Symbolic and Philosophical Universe review-article Woods, Gurli 15 (2005) 120–129  PDF  HTML  XML